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So..High Fiber Diets..

I went to the doctor today, again, and found out that I tested weakly positive for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This just means they don’t know exactly what’s wrong but that something is abnormal and that they have to do more tests. It could be Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. I won’t know until I go to the hospital.

Anyway, I have to be on a high fiber diet and they didn’t help me much with that so I did some research. And DAMN, is fiber important. You should be having AT LEAST 25 Grams of fiber a day! Most of us only get 12 or 13 grams! And fiber is AMAZING for your body. It cleans all the crap out of your system and keeps you fuller longer (Binge and constant snacking problems anyone?).

Sooo. I challenge you all to incorporate high fiber into your diet. You probably already eat a lot of high fiber foods if you’re trying to be healthy (fruits, veggies, beans, whole wheat) but here are some foods that are super high in fiber.

Raspberries - 1 Cup - 8.0 grams of fiber

Pear, with skin - 1 Medium - 5.5 grams of fiber

Apple, with skin - 1 Medium - 4.4 grams of fiber

Whole Wheat spaghetti, cooked - 1 Cup - 6.2 grams of fiber

Split Peas, cooked - 1 Cup - 16.3 grams of fiber

Lentils, cooked - 1 Cup - 15.6 grams of fiber

Black Beans, cooked - 1 Cup - 15.0 grams of fiber

Artichoke, cooked - 1 medium - 10.3 grams of fiber

Peas, cooked - 1 Cup - 8.8 grams of fiber

And so much more. Eat up. Clean out. Feel good (:


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